Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Make a Dovetail Joint

A dovetailed joint is a method of joining two bits of wood which not only is very strong but looks good too.

Even if you never make one its well worth knowing what a dovetail joint is. Nothing implies a sound knowledge of woodwork like looking at a piece of furniture and exclaiming "Ah nice to see a dovetailed joint used" or alternatively "Emmm should really have of used dovetails."

Step 1.

Take two equal sized bits of wood. At the end of one mark off in pencil two "doves tails" as shown. Note at the end of this you want the tail bits still attached to the wood.

Step 2. Mark off a line you are going to cut down too. This should be the length of the wood. Cut down each side of the triangle to this line. Use a tendon saw if available (that's a short saw about a foot in length)

Step 3. Now cut sideways on both sides and you should be able to remove two pieces.

Step 4. Using a chisel remove the middle bit.

Step 5. Now use this bit of wood to mark off the bits to remove for the other bit of wood. Remove those bits using the process outlined above.

Step 6. Admire your handiwork, then wish you were better at woodwork.

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