Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drinking Game: Names

A very popular pub/bar favourite, particularly on a stag do.

1. The first player states the name of a famous person. Can be historical, fictional or current. Eg. Homer Simpson.
2. The next player, sitting on his/her right must say a famous person beginning with the surname of the the previous famous person. Eg. Stevie Wonder. 
3. On to the next person and so on round and round the table.
4. If a player states a double barreled name. Eg Ronald Reagan, then you've bounced and the order changes direction. So if the order of play was going round to right it would now go to the left.

Like all drinking games you need rules when a player should drink. These are as follows.
1. Drink if you mention a famous person already used. You must come up with a new person before play can move on.
2. If you pause for more than 30 seconds while trying to think.
3. If you get the name wrong or mention someone who doesn't exist.

Advanced Play.
1. Queens. Queen Elizabeth's name can be used as often as you like, with any variation of her name. Eg. Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Windsor,  Elizabeth the 2nd.  
When the queen is mentioned all players must stand up and drink, Shouting. "Gentleman The Queen". 
(If your not British and don't want to confuse the rest of the bar, then you could pick your own National Figure. )
2. Twos. Start one game going one way and one going the other way. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dowsing For Water

A mighty useful skill this for anyone who might get shot down in the desert or inherit  a struggling French farm with no stream. Dowsing is the practice of finding buried materials eg water, by use of a Dowsing Rod. 

1. Get outside.

2. Get your dowsing rod, this could be Hazel twig or Wire Coat Hanger in the shape of an upside down Y.

3. Grasp the two handles of the Y and hold the rod horizontally.

4. Now begin to walk in straight lines. Concentrating your thoughts on whatever your dowsing for. (Waters traditional, golds more interesting.)

5. Its common misunderstanding with dowsing that you let the Rod determine your direction. That's not true, the Rod doesn't signal which way to go but rather it vibrates when you are near your chosen desire. So as you walk concentrate on your desire and wait until the Rod is vibrating almost uncontrollably, that's where you dig. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How To Pretend To Be Busy

How to avoid ever being given any extra work....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Make A Wish With A Ginger Biscuit.

Its possible (if your bored enough) to make a wish with a ginger biscuit. 

1. Take your ginger biscuit and cup it in your hand.

2. Now smash your elbow down on top of the biscuit, and make a wish.

3. If the biscuit breaks into 3 parts only. Congratulations you wish will come true. (Not a Guarantee.)

N.B. You can ignore crumbs. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Know Your Cycling Road Signals

Vital stuff for any cycling chap.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Play The Spoons

Playing the spoons is surprisingly easy but it does require the exact right method and that's why a lot of people have trouble with it. 

1. Get two spoons. 

2. Place the first spoon  between forefinger and thumb. Make sure its facing up.

3. Place the second spoon griped between remaining three fingers and your palm.  Make sure its facing down. 

4. The key is that the  bowl of one spoon is directly above the bowl of the other spoon.

5. Stand up, put your foot on a chair and flick your hand up and down banging the spoons against your thigh.
6. For added effect hold you free hand above the spoons so they hit it on the way up. This creates a faster deeper sound.  In the (rather poor :-) example below you can hear when this second hand is brought into play.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Magic Trick: Lasso a Candle Flame

Man's mastery of fire has always separated him from the beasts. Now you can discover how to lasso and control a candles flame. A simple trick which works best on young nieces and nephews.

1. Ask your audience for a strand of hair. (Blond and Long is unsurprisingly the most popular choice.

2. Form this into a loop.

3. Place the loop over the candle flame. Making sure that your hand is on the opposite side of the candle to you.

4. Now very slowly pull to the loop of hair away from you.

5. As you do so direct a very small amount of air from your lips in the direction of the flame. This is the tricky bit as you must try not to purse your lips but keep them relaxed and natural. (The image is a very bad example.)

6. The result will be the flame appears to move as a result of your pulling it with the hair. You need to match the effect on the flame with the pretend pulling of your hand.

Remember: Don't set fire to the hair.