Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dowsing For Water

A mighty useful skill this for anyone who might get shot down in the desert or inherit  a struggling French farm with no stream. Dowsing is the practice of finding buried materials eg water, by use of a Dowsing Rod. 

1. Get outside.

2. Get your dowsing rod, this could be Hazel twig or Wire Coat Hanger in the shape of an upside down Y.

3. Grasp the two handles of the Y and hold the rod horizontally.

4. Now begin to walk in straight lines. Concentrating your thoughts on whatever your dowsing for. (Waters traditional, golds more interesting.)

5. Its common misunderstanding with dowsing that you let the Rod determine your direction. That's not true, the Rod doesn't signal which way to go but rather it vibrates when you are near your chosen desire. So as you walk concentrate on your desire and wait until the Rod is vibrating almost uncontrollably, that's where you dig. 

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