Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Play The Spoons

Playing the spoons is surprisingly easy but it does require the exact right method and that's why a lot of people have trouble with it. 

1. Get two spoons. 

2. Place the first spoon  between forefinger and thumb. Make sure its facing up.

3. Place the second spoon griped between remaining three fingers and your palm.  Make sure its facing down. 

4. The key is that the  bowl of one spoon is directly above the bowl of the other spoon.

5. Stand up, put your foot on a chair and flick your hand up and down banging the spoons against your thigh.
6. For added effect hold you free hand above the spoons so they hit it on the way up. This creates a faster deeper sound.  In the (rather poor :-) example below you can hear when this second hand is brought into play.


  1. Boom Bam Boom Bam. Spoons

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