Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drinking Game: Names

A very popular pub/bar favourite, particularly on a stag do.

1. The first player states the name of a famous person. Can be historical, fictional or current. Eg. Homer Simpson.
2. The next player, sitting on his/her right must say a famous person beginning with the surname of the the previous famous person. Eg. Stevie Wonder. 
3. On to the next person and so on round and round the table.
4. If a player states a double barreled name. Eg Ronald Reagan, then you've bounced and the order changes direction. So if the order of play was going round to right it would now go to the left.

Like all drinking games you need rules when a player should drink. These are as follows.
1. Drink if you mention a famous person already used. You must come up with a new person before play can move on.
2. If you pause for more than 30 seconds while trying to think.
3. If you get the name wrong or mention someone who doesn't exist.

Advanced Play.
1. Queens. Queen Elizabeth's name can be used as often as you like, with any variation of her name. Eg. Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Windsor,  Elizabeth the 2nd.  
When the queen is mentioned all players must stand up and drink, Shouting. "Gentleman The Queen". 
(If your not British and don't want to confuse the rest of the bar, then you could pick your own National Figure. )
2. Twos. Start one game going one way and one going the other way. 

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