Friday, May 1, 2009

Magic Trick: Lasso a Candle Flame

Man's mastery of fire has always separated him from the beasts. Now you can discover how to lasso and control a candles flame. A simple trick which works best on young nieces and nephews.

1. Ask your audience for a strand of hair. (Blond and Long is unsurprisingly the most popular choice.

2. Form this into a loop.

3. Place the loop over the candle flame. Making sure that your hand is on the opposite side of the candle to you.

4. Now very slowly pull to the loop of hair away from you.

5. As you do so direct a very small amount of air from your lips in the direction of the flame. This is the tricky bit as you must try not to purse your lips but keep them relaxed and natural. (The image is a very bad example.)

6. The result will be the flame appears to move as a result of your pulling it with the hair. You need to match the effect on the flame with the pretend pulling of your hand.

Remember: Don't set fire to the hair.

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