Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How To Fell A Tree

Cutting down (or felling) a tree is very simple to get right, but also very risky if you get it wrong. If
your going to try this, practice on a small tree first, and of cause always get its permission.

1. Make sure you have enough clear space for the tree to fall.

2. Get a good sharp axe. Chainsaws are for wimps and are far to easy, (they should only be used for opening beer)

3. First chop a chunk of wood out of the trunk near the bottom.
Labeled 1 in the picture.
This should be on the side to which you want the tree to fall.

4. Now chop on the other side of the tree a couple of inch's (10cm) higher than the first cut. Labeled 2 in the picture.

5. Keep chopping at this side until the tree falls over.

6. Remember to shout "TIMBER."

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