Saturday, April 11, 2009

How To Play King & Barons

King & Barons is a simple board game, particularly good for playing in the pub or in a train as it is simple to explain but complex to master.

The playing board. Which is 10 squares by 14 squares. You can print out the one below on paper. Fold it and keep it in your wallet.

4 counters of one type. (The barons) Again you can cut out the ones below. Or use coins.

1 counter of one type. (The King). Cut out from below or use a coin.

Setup and Rules.

1.Set the board up as picture below

2. One player takes the 4 barons the other the single king.

3. The object is to get the kings piece to the other side of the board. Each player takes it in turns to achieve (the kings player) or prevent this (the barons player).

4. The king can move forward backwards left and right 1 space at a time. (Not diagonally.)

5. The barons can only move forward.

6. You can't jump or capture a piece and you can't occupy the same square at the same time.

7. Players must move. But the king is allowed to pause 3 times in the game

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