Saturday, April 25, 2009

Make A Rocket Out Of A Diet Coke Bottle

With a bottle of Diet Coke and a packet of Mentos you can make a quite spectacular rocket. A far better use for diet coke than drinking the stuff. Please note the rocket can be very powerful so protect your face when it goes off and remember its coke. Don't wear your best clothes.

1. Take one bottle of Diet Coke. The larger the better, we suggest 2 liters. For best results make sure its not chilled.

2. Take one packet of Mentos and remove the paper cover, but leave the foil.
3. Step outside to a big open area.

4. Remove the cap on the bottle and drop the Mentos inside. Replace cap.

5. Shake the bottle.

6. Open the cap just a little till you hear the fizz of air escaping.

7. Throw the bottle well away from you and watch.
8. Here's an example from youtube. Wait for the "Holy Cow".

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