Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How To Play Paper Golf

Ah Paper Golf, beloved by school boys everywhere....

Unlike real golf all you will need is a sheet of paper and a pen.

1. On a clean sheet of paper draw the hole. You can include what ever features you can imagine, water, sand traps, trees. Just make sure it includes the starting pin and the hole. The drawing below should give you a good example. N.B. The hole is drawn fairly large.

2. Place the tip of the pin on the starting pin and place your fore finger on the top of the pen.

3. Push down and diagonally flicking the pen in the direction you want the line to go.

4. Where the line stops on the paper draw an X. That's your first shot. The second shot starts from the X.

5. Carry on until you manage to get a line which stops in the hole.

6. If you stop in an obstacle eg water, sand, trees then you miss a shot.

7. Add up the number of shots for your score, then draw the next hole.

8. If your playing with 2 people make sure you use different colour pens.

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  1. Tried it, liked it, then broke a pen!