Monday, April 13, 2009

How To Use Your Watch As A Compass

Vital for when you've taken the family on a hike and discovered your totally lost.

1. Get out your analogue clock ie a wristwatch. If you only have a digital clock then draw one on a piece of paper getting the current time from a digital cloak. Don't make the old mistake of drawing a clock face on the ground, its got to be movable.

2. Point the hour hand towards the sun.

3. Draw a (imaginary) line between the hour hand and 12.00 on the clock face. This line is now pointing South (Northern Hemisphere), North (Southern Hemisphere.)

N.B. If your currently in daylight savings time you must adjust to standard time to get this to work. If your clock has been put forward you must take off an hour to get standard time. So if its been "spring forward" then take an hour back.

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  1. If the suns not out you can use the shadows to find the sun. Its the other direction to the shadow.